Bye Bye CityPlace, Hello Rosemary Square

Bye Bye CityPlace, Hello Rosemary Square

  • Ivy J. Lipkin Jimenez
  • 04/8/19

Bye Bye CityPlace, Hello Rosemary Square. As our beloved city starts to change at a rapid pace, developers have decided that CityPlace needed a refresh. To anyone who has been around CityPlace in the past few months, the change in direction is clear. Gone are the curbs, sidewalks have been widened and the air is about. The list of new restaurants and ideas are a buzz. Plans for a new apartment building located in the old Macy’s location is on the books. New Class A office space will soon begin to break ground among Rosemary and public art projects have been approved. This new iteration of CityPlace is certain to be a hit with residents and its visitors.

With the addition of the highspeed Brightline / Virgin Trains USA and the building boom that has been occurring in the last few, it was only right that CityPlace updated its look. The new pavers look fantastic. The new lights placed above Rosemary turn a walk at night into a casual, comfortable stroll. You can click on the link below to read about of the details about what’s to come at Rosemary Square.

Bye Bye CityPlace

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