A Skyline for the Mediocre?

  • Ivy J. Lipkin Jimenez
  • 02/14/16

This is what is being asked right now about the West Palm Beach Skyline. This city of ours, situated in the middle of paradise offers us so many gorgeous natural attributes. The Intra-coastal waterway acts as a natural wonder offering us access to the beauty and character of Palm Beach. The history and architecture are a tough act to follow, but not if Jeff Greene has something to say about it.
This investor has been snapping up pieces of land all throughout West Palm Beach for years now and is beginning to let us in on what he has in store for the city he has to drive through every day. His plan to beautify and revitalize the skyline of Downtown West Palm Beach is ambitious but because he lacks the need to answer to a board of directors or maximize profits with every decision, Jeff is looking to make the Downtown West Palm Beach skyline shine bright like a diamond.
Other developers have followed suit and have been submitting plans for contemporary new buildings where open empty event parking lots once stood. The city has been receiving a lot of proposals for new developments and this skyline of ours may not recognizable in the next three to five years.
Click on the link below to get a taste for all that is happening or being planned for Downtown West Palm Beach and as always, should you have any questions about real estate in the area, feel free to call or email me directly. I’m always very happy to help.
West Palm Beach Skyline

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